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Room 204: February 4, 2024

My friend and I stayed for a long weekend to learn more about Savannah's haunted past. Of course we had to stay in room 204! Anna was pretty quiet, but she did make herself known on the first night by…

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Room 204: January 20, 2024

We had an amazing stay in 204. 17Hundred90 has all the charm and history we were looking for. The skeptic in me didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but the girls claimed to see some "fuss" in a picture…

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Room 204: January 1, 2024

Thank you 17Hundred90 for another wonderful stay. The spirits were quiet, this trip-very different from last New Years Eve. We enjoyed ourselves regardless and look forward to our next visit. Larry & Alix

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Room 204: December 30, 2023

We had an amazing time. Nothing spooky to report. Enjoyed our stay in Savannah. If you can I encourage you to take a horse ride. Definitely visit Madison Square. Thanks for letting us enjoy your room Anna. We'll be back.…

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Room 204: December 10, 2023

Very nice room! Ghost Tours came by and we waved! I came with my parents. Nothing unusual happened, except for some flickering bathroom lights. However, my mom and I had some nightmares. In mine I was murdered so it wasn't…

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Room 204: November 26, 2023

Anna, if you find some socks or something you can send them to our billing address on file at the front desk. If that was you that woke me up at 3:30, I'll forgive you eventually. Thanks for sharing your…

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Room 204: November 15, 2023_

Enjoyed our stay here...but not without incident! First day here my cell phone charger was unplugged from the wall twice! Only thought I had was maybe "Anna" didn't like I unplugged lamp to use! And when in bed could smell…

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Room 204: November 13, 2023

Upon check-in the doll on the mantle faced/gazed forward,.  Once we settled in bed for the night, it faced/gazed at the bed directly. I did not see it actively move its head, but it stares at you while in bed.…

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Room 204: November 10, 2023

Twice as we were preparing for bed, I was hit with an overwhelming wave of heat. I would go from comfortable to overheated and sweaty in an instant. These definitely weren't hot flashes! Also, someone touched my hair lightly in…

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