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Room 105: September 29, 2022

Lovely visit, comfortable bed, and an amazing staff. And you can’t overlook the amazing towels.  I would recommend others stay here. No ghostly activity.   Sarah & Emily Butler  Danielsville, GA

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Room 204: September 27, 2022

Nothing to report and actually very surprised by that given the reputation. Overall, it was a great trip and we loved the close proximity to everything. Maybe next time!! We must be boring to Ms. Anna.  JJ & Clayton

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Room 204: September 25, 2022

My husband and I rented room 204 for its reputation of being a haunted room. While the room and hotel are great, we didn't get to experience anything "scary." The only thing that we can't explain was my husband found…

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Room 104: September 18, 2022

So far we learned Anna must be well at peace because absolutely nothing happened yet we are in the “most” Haunted Hotel in this state. But…the bathroom door must be broken or Anna wanted it to stay open…we also bought…

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Room 204: September 18, 2022

A few family members and I stayed here from Friday to Sunday. We planned on trying to communicate with Anna using some apps and a few tools. Instead, we met a spirit we called Mr. H. He was very friendly.…

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Room 204: September 15, 2022

This was a very impromptu stay for us here at the 17Hundred90! We came here for our 12th wedding anniversary dinner and knew we had a ghost investigation later that evening at the Historic Savannah Theater that wouldn't get done…

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Room 204: September 9, 2022

First, thank you so very much for such a pleasant stay in your beautiful inn. Savannah is a wonderful town, with so much to discover. We checked in late on the evening of September 5th, Labor Day. We settled in…

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Room 204: September 5, 2022

Hi Anna! Thank you for sharing your room with us the past two nights. The first night we thought we saw the curtain by the TV being pulled on, but we convinced ourselves that was just a breeze from the…

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Room 107: September 5, 2022

My husband and I had been wanting to make this trip for awhile…. Finally we arrived! The 1790 is a beautiful place and the front desk, restaurant, and bar are fabulous-great service -everyone is so friendly.  We enjoyed our stay…

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