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Room 203: May 19-20, 2006

Came to the 1790 for a birthday and graduation celebration. Chose this Inn due to known hauntings and was not disappointed. Both nights experienced a presence that engulfed the bed in the night. First night awoke around 3am with an intense pressure on me. Found it hard to breathe, like I was going to pass out even though I was already lying on my back. This feeling subsided and was followed by a warmth around my chest and neck (much like being hugged). The second night I was not overwhelmed by the pressure but felt the warm presence. Since I had intentionally left the camera by the bedside that night (around 2:45), I started taking pictures when I felt the presence. The first two photos show a cloud lying on top the bed. The third photo was absolutely clean – i.e. no cloud. The presence did not return that evening. Both mornings, as I was in the shower, the ceiling light/fan went out while I was showering. The first morning (9am) it came back on as I was drying off. The second morning (6am) it came on as I opened the shower curtain. I left the light/fan on as I packed to leave, noticing it would go on and off intermittently, sometimes both went out, other times just the fan, then come back on anywhere from 1-5 minutes later. There was no pattern to the mysterious events. Really enjoyed our stay at the 1790! The staff was very pleasant and attentive. The room was immaculate. Great location! Plan to return!


Augusta, Ga.

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