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Room 203: June 9-10, 2006

It’s our second time in Savannah and my husband and I still feel like little kids every time we drive into town! We love it here. This time we brought two of our good friends. The first day in Savannah we started eating at a place called Tanner’s near the Marshall house. It was wonderful. They have great gyros and chili dogs and French fries that taste just like the ones from the fair. Don’t be fooled by the outside, it really is a “hole in the wall” but the food was worth it. That night we were scheduled to do the Creepy Pub Crawl so we started out at a place called The Wharehouse on River Street to have a couple of drinks before meeting our tour guide. The Wharehouse is a fun place where the bartenders do shots with you and the food is phenomenal (especially the cheese fries!). The beer is pretty cheap too! Also, if you position yourself to face the entrance, people watching is just hilarious! The Creepy Pub Crawl was fun, the tour guide was entertaining but they didn’t give the reasons behind a lot of the “hauntings” so if you’re a ghost freak like me, then do one of the walking tours. We met a lot of good people on the tour and we felt really good at the end of the “crawl” if you know what I mean!

The second night in our room is worth mentioning. It was a full moon and I was convinced I was going to see some paranormal activity. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. There was no light flickering, but while I was sleeping I awoke to find that I couldn’t move any part of my body, nor could I speak. Trust me, I tried screaming for my husband. It felt like something was holding me down. Once I could move, a couple seconds later, it freaked me out so much that I couldn’t sleep on my back. The rest of the night I tried sleeping on my side with my head covered but didn’t get much sleep. Now I have had a similar feeling before at my own home when I was really tired, but this was different. I find it interesting that the women whose entry is before mine had a similar experience. The really weird thing is that it happened at 3am, same as the other women! Now I do have to mention that I have an active imagination and I read this journal the first night we were here. Could I have dreamt my experience since reading the first journal entry? Maybe. My husband seems to think so!

Anyways, great time here at the 17hundred90 inn. Great time! We love Savannah.


Loganville, Ga

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