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Room 204: July 4, 2024

Savannah is a beautiful city, my first time, but not Laura's. We enjoyed our stay, thank you Anna for allowing us to visit. We didn't see anything or have jewelry moved, but Laura heard creaking footsteps walk through the room…

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Room 204: June 10, 2024

We spent 3 nights here celebrating our 50th birthdays. An item on our bucket list was to stay in a haunted room so we chose "Anna's" room.  We brought an EMF meter and an Ouija board. The last thing I…

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Room 204: June 8, 2024

We did not experience Anna, maybe a few noises. But the charm is in the city. It is so very beautiful and the people are gracious and kind. This Inn and its owner and employees go out of their way…

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Room 204: May 30, 2024

We stayed 2 nights. I didn't hear or see anything. My husband heard a few noises the first night. We recorded during the night so we'll see if we caught anything when we get home. We had a great trip!…

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Room 204: May 24, 2024

We really enjoyed our stay in 204. The staff here is the best. WE could never get the thermostat to warm up the room but in the morning it was perfect. Anna you trickster! My son felt tugging on the…

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Room 204: April 20, 2024

My husband and I stayed in Room 204 for two nights. He's a bit of a skeptic and I am not. He slept like the dead both nights and didn't notice anything. My first night was a little spooky. It…

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Room 204: February 28, 2024

I absolutely loved my (and Anna's) room! It was comfy and she was a very good "ghost host." I heard many little bumps on the furniture and bathroom door throughout my one-night stay! I came here by myself, but I…

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Room 204: February 24, 2024

Our first time at this inn and first time staying in an officially haunted room. Very sweet smell-Anna or fabric softener! Bedside table clock crashed to the floor/ground-didn't come unplugged but the time went away! Some strange beeping noises, all…

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Room 204: February 20, 2024

Dear Anna and 1790 staff, Thank you so much for treating us so well during our stay! I immediately felt an aura of protection when I entered room 204. I can definitely tell that Anna is a friendly spirit. We…

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Room 204: February 18, 2024

Dear Anna and 17Hundred90 staff, I enjoyed my stay in 204. My best friend stayed with me. The bed is incredibly comfortable. I did some phone recordings on my phone. Got some knocking and odd whistling noises. Anna seems like…

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