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Room 203: August 6-7, 2010

My sister and I came to Savannah after a couple of days in Charleston. We are both paranormal seekers and have had several experiences in our lives. When my sister found 17hundred90, it sounded perfect. We invited Anna to take any jewelry we had here or to make herself known. We left and went exploring at dark focusing mainly on the Colonial Park Cemetery. We took several photos and captured several orbs. We ate pizza at the Mellow Mushroom and on the way back (we were walking) there started to come a storm. Frequent lightening in the distance and thunder. We got a little turned around while walking back to the room and got one of the bike taxis to take us back. The guy was great but not as grateful as we were to be back before the full force of the lightening, thunder, and rain. We gave him a very large tip and the other half of our pizza. He was very happy! As for any paranormal activities… before we left to visit the cemetery, before it got dark my cell phone rang and it got a call I did not want to take so I let it go to voicemail. An extended period of time, maybe over 3-5 minutes, the tone on my cell phone went off indicating I had a message. I went back and played the message and it was several minutes of static with random voices very loud at times and hard to make out anything that was said. We could not explain why that happened. The tone went off again after listening to the message twice. The tone usually will not sound again after you have listened to the message. One more left in our stay… Second night there were some odd sounds we could not explain and I was awakened in the middle of the night by being thumped on the top of my head but it did not note the time but it was quite early in the morning. Overall this was a great stay. Staff was very enjoyable. Enjoy your stay!


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