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Room 203: July 23, 2010

Paranormal activity started at 1:30am. My daybed lights turned all the way on and clicked off. I am doing a steak out. I am writing the events as they happen. The paranormal activity is supposed to happen at 3-5am or 6am. 2:32am, heard footsteps near bathroom and coffee pot. I am using a flashlight and iPod. So far my iPod has turned up all the way and skipped songs. It never does that. (This is at 2:50am). 2:55 got extremely cold. I will leave my pen for you by my bed. 2:56 took picture of orb by my bed and I’m hearing weird frequencies from my music. I am doing this with the lights off. All I have is a green tinted flashlight. While anxiously awaiting 3am, I got ice at 2:58. When I came back at 3am, I found my blanket on the ground. 3:05 got really hot and the AC is on. Picture time. Took a picture that left me breathless… I saw mist by the bathroom. 3:25 TV turned on to static. Wonder if that’s ever happened. Extremely tiring night. Dropped my pen under the bed and did not retrieve it. I then randomly woke up feeling a sharp pain. It was my pen. All the activity happened off camera. Well my friends, this ends my awesome night at the 17hundred90. Pirate’s House was great. Take the hearse tour and ask for Barry, he is funny. Set up cameras facing daybed, main bed, and bathroom. Turn handle right for hot water. Don’t stay alone. Take pictures down the hallway of 204. Bring an iPod and listen to it during 3am-5am. Take pictures near window of 206. Say goodbye Anna before you leave.

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