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Room 203: October 12, 2009

Stayed one night… saw and heard nothing. Comfortable stay though. No ghosts!

^ That’s my dad. He slept like a rock. I stayed up most of the night. Lights above the daybed flickered throughout the night, which was odd because it didn’t seem to be at all related with the AC power surges or anything else. Creepy at first, quickly got used to it. Around 12-1am, went out into the hall. While standing by the staircase, heard a nearby floor creak, which was strange because no one else was in the halls. Then went to sleep and woke up between 3-4am for some unknown reason. Odd feelings of presences in the room, could be related to simple feelings of paranoia. From then on, occasional strange feelings of being touched or poked. Maybe a ghost, maybe just an uncomfortable bed that makes your skin feel weird (I was on the daybed). Dad was snoring so loudly I couldn’t hear anything that might’ve been there to be heard. Not at whole lot, but it was a fun creepy visit. The hallways generate a lot of bad feeling. Even now at 9am, the lights still flicker. They didn’t flicker a single time before me went to bed.

J & D

Mekenzie, TN

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