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Room 203: September 16, 2010

I booked this room for myself, my mom, and my three year old son to stay in because I was told it was “not” a haunted room. Traveling back from Florida, we needed a place to stay for the night. The staff is very pleasant here but I do think we may be the only guests here tonight, no one else is around at all! We arrived back to our room after a nice meal at Firefly café on Troup Square and ice cream at Leopolds! It was around 10pm. I tucked my son into the small bed and went into the bathroom to wash my face, etc… Out of the corner of my eye, I perceived a dark form over by the toilet. When I finished washing my face, I couldn’t find my glasses! I finally found them on the floor on top of my clothing, not where I put them. Good thing I didn’t step on them! We left the bathroom lights on dimly lit for a night light. Of course, they flickered on and off all night but that could be an electrical problem! When I finally turned off my book light to get some sleep it was midnight. My mom was sharing the bed so we were both pretty unconcerned about being bothered by ghosts. We were just tired. Right away it felt like something was moving the sheets down between our feet. I looked down and it stopped. Put my head back on the pillow and it started again! I asked my mom if she was moving her feet and she said “no”. But the sensation kept happening every time we closed our eyes! This went on for a while until I remembered that often you can tell a ghost to stop something and it will. So I said out loud in a strong voice “there’s no room for you in this bed. Go sleep in another room and don’t bother us again, or my son either!” No problems for the rest of the night. Anyone reading this before bed, just remember if you don’t want the ghost you can tell them to go. It worked for me.

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