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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Room 204: April 28, 2019

We checked in and had a small conversation with the staff. We asked a few questions about Anna and they shared some interesting stories. Then off to room 204. We entered “Anna’s room” and started to unpack.  Jeff broke out the ghost meter- nothing.  Jeff then scanned the room- still nothing.  Then we called for Anna- bingo! The meter started humming.  At that point, weird things started to happen. Here’s what we experienced: 1. Light in bathroom turned on. 2. Jeff reached for his toothbrush and right before his eyes it went from bristles down to bristles up!! Complete 180 degrees.  3. There was condensation in a zippered plastic compartment of my suitcase.  4. Heard a baby crying for about 5 seconds.  5. There was condensation underneath by Iphone case between the phone screen and the protective plastic piece. 6. I asked Anna to touch and move my toes and I could feel something touching me.  My big toe then moved to the side without any other toes moving! So cool! Loved our stay at the 17Hundred90 Inn.  Anna didn’t disappoint us!! 

Linda from Massachusetts and Jeff from Rhode Island.

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