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Room 204: May 17, 2015

  We knew we were going to have an event filled night here in room 204. As I checked in at front desk around 4:15PM, my wife made a dash to the ladies \room where she head the bathroom door…

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Room 204: October 17-19, 2014

We are sister who both love spooky stuff! We love Savannah and try to make a trip here every year. We didn’t experience any unusual activity in our room, but enjoyed our stay anyways. My sister got a real kick…

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Room 204: September 14-16, 2014

Karen and I wanted to find a quiet little hidden town with its own personality. We found it here! Nothing unusual happened during out stay. The biggest spook I got was when I rounded the corner to the room and…

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Room 204: September 22, 2016

Recorded question and got many answers, including a name, Anna. Woke up at 2:15 by husband. For over an hour, felt like someone was holding me down. Tried to scream and could not! Husband said I was moaning, so he…

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Room 204: September 17, 2014

Here at the Inn, everyone is great. We stayed two nights in 314, and one night with Anna here in 204. No ghostly experience, only a comforting atmosphere. Slept well. The city is great – just beautiful!! Even put my…

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Room 204: September 27, 2014

We stayed in room 301 across the street (private parking and Jacuzzi). That room was lovely! We moved to this room for our last night. We read all the stories in the other books so we could get an idea…

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Room 204: October 3-6, 2014

  We have stayed with Anna several times. Our 1st time, my husband and I woke constantly during the night to the “feel” of a presence which neither of us knew/compared until the next morning. I also heard soundsof window…

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Room 204: August 5, 2015

My children stayed the night in 204. We took pictures and attempted to get voice recordings. One picture has an odd form in it, just above my daughter’s head. At 12:30am, both my sons came to my room and said…

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Room 204: June 10, 2015

My husband and I chose to stay here because of the many experiences others have had. We invested in some paranormal equipment, which we brought to room 204. Tonight we received so much activity! First, we placed trigger objects like…

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Room 204: June 14, 2015

My boyfriend and I came to the room around 4pm, and stayed for several hours, but nothing happened. We had supper downstairs and the food is amazing! Everyone here is very nice and extremely helpful. We came back very late…

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