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Room 204: May 5, 2015

My husband, son, daughter-in-law and I, stayed here together to experience Anna. We didn’t have any strange happenings, but then we decided to play with the Ouija board and my daughter-in-law decided to video us. In the video, the orbs…

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Room 204: May 6, 2015

We are waking up to a bright and beautiful day here in Savannah, GA, on our 5th day of our honeymoon. After traveling through Cassadaga, FL, Charleston, SC, Richmond, VA, and Jamestown and Williamsburg VA, we hoped the our stay…

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Room 204: May 22, 2015

Four of us girls stayed in room 204 on a Thursday night on our way to Hilton Head. Before we went toi bed, we heard what sounded like a cat crying. Couldn’t see the cat. Around 8:30am one of us…

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Room 204: May 25, 2015

My husband and I stayed for our 23rd anniversary. We were both born and raised in Savannah, and have always heard the stories and wanted to check it out. The inn was just as beautiful as I thought it would…

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Room 204: October 23-31, 2014

We returned for another stay in room 204 (here last Oct. as well). As usual, the moment we step in to the room, we feel light headed & dizzy & increasingly so by the fireplace. No strange happenings the first…

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Room 204: October 31, 2014

It was a blast staying here. I come here every year for Halloween and last year I stayed in 104, the room with the private entrance. Nothing happened, but that’s okay. I still had fun. So, I FINALLY got this…

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Room 204: November 3-6, 2014

This was my boyfriend’s 4th time in 204, and my first. Although invited, Anna did not bother us very much. When we first arrived, there was a presence in the room. When we returned after supper, a chest of drawers…

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Room 204: November 27, 2014

No visit from Anna. A couple of strange noises but can’t say it was Anna. Wonderful Inn and the bed is amazing. I used to live in a historical home in Savannah and had my own spirit – so they…

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