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Room 204: November 28, 2014

My son and I decided it would be an adventure to stay in room 204 at 1790. An adventure it was! Right away when we came up the stairs, the “lady” in the window gave me a fright. The next…

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Room 204: December 4, 2014

There were unexplained orbs when we photographed the room at night. I experienced a shortness of breath early in the night. There was also an unusual reflection on the mirror when photographed that was invisible to the eye during the…

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Room 204: December 5, 2014

The food downstairs was excellent. The room was great – very comfortable. We didn’t have any weird experiences in the room which was great, because my in-laws got this room for us for an anniversary gift. We didn’t know it…

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Room 204: December 8, 2014

We really enjoyed our stay in room 204. We are unsure if we got a visit from Anna. We tried to communicate with her or any spirits using the Ouija board, but nothing happened. We did however get some pictures…

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Room 204: January 13, 2015

We stayed in the room as our last night in Savannah. The people are very welcoming and the room was very comfortable. Nothing strange happened during the night. We tried playing the Ouija board and got nothing. Was well worth…

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Room 204: October 10-12, 2014

3rd time staying in 204 with Anna. As usual she communicates with us well through our ghost hunting equipment! We really enjoyed our visit! If this is your 1st visit to Savannah and you want the best breakfast, look no…

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Room 204: October 16, 2014

My wife Ashley and I enjoyed a very pleasant night’s stay in room 204. We were sad to not have experienced any ghostly activity, but we did possibly capture an orb on film! Ashley & Jeff -----

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Room 204: August 3-4, 2015

  My husband and I stayed here for two nights. We thought we heard a “hello” from a female voice after we walked in the room. My husband said “Hello Anna,” and almost immediately heard what sounded like “hello” in…

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Room 204: July 28-30, 2015

My fiancé and I started our vacation in Savannah. We checked in and everyone was so nice, but we were warned this place was haunted. We came into our room, things felt ok, so we of course got out our…

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Room 204: July 26, 2015

My husband, our two boys and I arrived late, around 10:30pm… long drive from Tampa. When we first walked into the room, we got a feeling of vertigo. The air was very thick, heavy feeling. The EMF was going crazy.…

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