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Room 204: June 10, 2015

Post Series: room204

My husband and I chose to stay here because of the many experiences others have had. We invested in some paranormal equipment, which we brought to room 204.

Tonight we received so much activity! First, we placed trigger objects like lingerie, jewelry, and a teddy bear with an EMF detector. We sat the teddy bear next to Anna’s doll in different places in the room, and received a response/confirmation several times that some type of energy was manifesting itself near the bear. We did a few spirit box sessions and voice recordings. We got replies like
“he’s lucky,” “please don’t go,” and “Thank you.” Also, there were several instances where we could hear a little girl singing. Last, but not least, the wardrobe door opened slowly on its own. After the first movement, we videotaped it, and asked Anna to move the door – it moved! So incredible. Chills.

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s shenanigans. Thank you, Anna (and any others that may be here)

Joni and Tyler

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