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Room 204: October 31, 2014

Post Series: room204

It was a blast staying here. I come here every year for Halloween and last year I stayed in 104, the room with the private entrance. Nothing happened, but that’s okay. I still had fun. So, I FINALLY got this room. Much nicer, which is amazing. (There is a Ouija Board in the dresser with the TV. Do NOT touch it. Warning you). So, as I was saying, we walked around. My mom is with me. We came back from river Street and I told her before were were leaving to go to the Lady and Sons, I wanted a shower. She walked out to go smoke a cigarette. I shut the bathroom door and a minute later, I heard a tapping noise. I thought my mom came back and she was trying to freak me out! I opened the door and no one was there. Weird. I took the shower, and walked out. My mom looked worried and I asked her what was wrong. Apparently, when she was walking up the stairs from the entrance, she smelled heavy perfume. Then, she was pushed back. I also asked for a sign and presence was here and my necklace chain was swinging as if someone just pushed it so it would swing. I mean, it was pushing hard. Have a great time. Remember, no Ouiji board!


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